Keith Buesing

Buesing is part landscaper, part environmental artist, and part visionary. Landscaping is not only in Buesing’s soul; it’s in his DNA. His parents owned a nursery in Rockland County, where young Buesing and his family lived in a repurposed potting shed attached to two greenhouses.

Buesing's first "job" was at three years old; potting geraniums. "I remember poking my finger into the soil in the terra-cotta pot and then placing the geranium cutting in the hole. I remember the feeling of packing the dirt around the base of the plant! The smell of geraniums still brings me back to that greenhouse." With a childhood immersed in botanica, it’s no surprise Buesing approaches landscape design with an innate sensibility. As an artist, Buesing has made the landscape his canvas.

While having a broad scope of experience in, and a strong reputation for traditional landscaping, Buesing is most known for his unique topiary installations. Topiary is the horticultural art of training plants by clipping and pruning them into a living sculpture. The first topiaries were said to have been in Roman gardens more than 2,000 years ago. Topiaries can be both fancifully witty and classically formal.

Buesing's first topiary creation came to life while manicuring the grounds of the family nursery.  He noticed that a conical hemlock had sprouted new growth that suggested a bird. Buesing then proceeded to sculpt the hemlock into a very large-scale "rooster" - which quickly became a noted staple at the nursery. Over the years, Buesing has created many one of a kind topiary sculptures, such as his highly regarded stegodile.

Buesing also has been using found stone and driftwood to create functional sculptural pieces; having characteristics that are aesthetically beautiful, while also being functional.  “I like to create things that embody both form and function; sculptures you can balance on, bike on, or climb up - not just look at.” 

Take a stroll around Buesing’s lush property nestled into the foothills of the Gunks in Gardiner and experience a soulful blend of wood, stone and various horticultural artistic expressions.  His property has often been described as a playground for both the young and young at heart! 

Buesing's deep appreciation for nature and art is evident in all he does. His ability to reimagine and repurpose objects and plants within their natural settings is remarkable! 

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